Sunday, August 16, 2015

The ULTIMATE “Welcome Home”

Recently, Dale and I went to his hometown to attend the funeral of his cousin, “Dick”.  Dick and his wife, Beth, have always been a sound and solid “root” to this family.  I remember early in our marriage when all but “4 foot something “ little Beth would sweetly exclaim to me, “you two are on my prayer list for children, Nancy!”  And all along our struggle to conceive after surgery, chlomid, progesterone, artificial insemination, etc…she continued to pray and pray and pray.  All those prayers from Beth and family/friends were answered and we had not one but two beautiful boys.  Years later Beth asked me, “Nancy, do you want me to keep you on my prayer list?  How about a girl this time?”  My answer with a smile…”No, that’s ok Beth.  I think we are set.”  And yet… not too long after that I said, “put us back on your prayer list Beth!” 

A year and a half later those prayers were answered and we brought our little girl home.   We had a family gathering and it was like she knew she was finally HOME and with her “forever family.”  I get choked up with tears just thinking about it.  The emotions that we felt…the pure LOVE in our hearts that literally bled out of our eyes in the form of tears …well, that best explains it.  The pictures say it all really… look at Lily's PURE, euphoric, lit up face of JOY.

Prayers brought Lily across the world and home to what I thought was...
 the “Ultimate Welcome Home.”

But I realized after Dick's funeral (and the AMAZING sermon~) that Dick got the ULTIMATE Welcome Home.  Kathy (our cousin) said to me, “Can you imagine? Dick closed his eyes and woke up to Jesus.”  You can’t help to wonder what kind of welcome home party he got in Heaven!  Seriously?  The LOVE feeling odometer has got to be a zillion times more than we can possibly feel here on Earth!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a 1000 times more…when I birthed my boys… my LOVE exploded out of my heart and through my joyful ugly cry (and all over my babies & Hubs, OB and nurse).  The LOVE emotion was off the charts to welcome our boys to this world we call home.  AND then my “ugly cry” (Dale has “handsome cry”) carried across the world (to splat all over the Chinese people) when we held our little girl for the first time and flew her home.

How much more does our Heavenly Father feel when we come home?

There is no question in my heart and mind that The ULTIMATE Welcome HOME is when Dick opened his eyes to Jesus saying with his outstretched arms,

“Welcome HOME my Son”

Until we all come HOME Dick…to you, Jesus and our FOREVER FAMILY.  
Here's my RSVP to that party! ;)

**In memory of Richard “Dick” Snyder & A tribute to Beth Snyder & family**
**The sweetest man with a huge heart and always offers a warm bear hug.  Miss you!**

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